Never let a trend get in the way of a beautiful picnic. Our style is whimsical and timeless.


Not a plastic plate in sight. Only high quality tableware and styling props are found at our luxury picnics.


We take care of it all from go to whoa! And you get to take all of the credit. What more could you want?


Hi! I’m Hayley, and luxury picnics are my jam (on a scone, with cream)

Picture this… You wake up the morning of your luxury picnic experience and enjoy a leisurely breakfast pondering the day ahead, perhaps you treat yourself to a blowdry or a cheeky pre-picnic champagne. You’re in no rush. Why would you be? Everything has been taken care of for your luxury picnic and you haven’t had to lift a finger.


Eeep! The big reveal is here. You arrive at your chosen location feeling relaxed and giddy with anticipation (there’s been no last minute stress and running around for you my friend!), you make your way over to your luxury picnic and your breath catches as you take it all in.

Crystal cut glassware sparkling in the sunlight, super comfy cushions, tastefully selected rugs, custom low lying picnic tables (no pallets here!) soft linen napkins, the most divine floral arrangements adorn the tables featuring fresh blooms to complement your desired colour palette, effortlessly styled props, lovingly selected to hint at your chosen theme or pay homage to the nature that surrounds. The attention to detail is out of this world.


Your tummy rumbles as you cast your eyes over the most mouth-watering spread of luxury picnic catering. Today you’re treating your guests to a delectable graze filled with delicious cured meats, cheese (yes please!), dips, artisan breads, fresh seasonal fruit and antipasto. But you also had the option of a delightful high tea spread boasting petit fours, super fancy finger sandwiches, savoury treats and more. It was a very hard choice indeed!

Your guests start to arrive and are left in awe. Good lord, you’ve gone to so much trouble!! How on earth did you pull this off without even breaking a sweat? You shrug your shoulders modestly… it’s our little secret.

The afternoon rolls by in a haze of wine, laughter and good food until finally it’s time to head home (or perhaps to the local for a few more drinks). And here’s the best part of all… you simply get up and leave. No dirty dishes to get through, no cleaning up after your guests have left or hauling equipment back to the car. Everything will be taken care of. You needn’t worry about a thing.


luxury picnic


luxury picnics sydney

Chocoholic, shopoholic, picnicoholic. 

To say that I am a little obsessed with picnics would be a bit of an understatement. My days (and nights) are spent dreaming up luxury picnic creations for my lovely clients and their guests. 

I never in a million years dreamt that styling picnics would be a path my career would lead me down. After spending 10 years working as Foxtel’s National Events Manager spending my days planning parties, launch events, dinners and CEO hosted functions, my husband and I welcomed our first baby girl. Off I went on maternity leave bursting with excitement at the prospect of “having 12 months holiday” (HA).

Five weeks after London was born, I stumbled across a little tableware hire business for sale called The Vintage Kitchen. A casual mention of this to my husband lead to us taking over this Aladdin’s cave of vintage treasures just two weeks later and with it, the opportunity to leave my full-time job and manage a thriving business all whilst taking care of our baby daughter. 

My idea for luxury picnics was sparked after having hundreds of brides and mum’s to be pass through the doors of The Vintage Kitchen. Week in and week out, our beautiful tableware is hired for baby showers, kitchen teas, weddings and birthday parties across Sydney. 

I love that I get to contribute to these special events. But what if I could do more? What if I could make use of all of our stunning pieces, go into creative overdrive and make things even easier for my clients in a totally unique and personalised way? Taking the stress out of planning their special occasion, from supplying, setting up, packing down and taking it all away so that they actually get to enjoy themselves too and not be a slave to the event? 

With all of this in mind, our styled luxury picnics were born. And now it’s time for them to step out from the shadows of their big sister and shine all on their own. Welcome to She Does Picnics.  We can’t wait to create picnic magic just for you!

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